Real Estate Loan- The Most Important Information

p> More and more real estate loan schemes can be selected, but the decision is never easy. That’s why we’ve collected the real estate loan types and their properties to help make the decision.


What real estate loan forms do you have?

1. Forint-based, supported real estate loans

These are state-subsidized loan rates and home loans without exchange rate risk, where the APR can be very favorable .

2. Forint-based, non-subsidized real estate loans

These types of home loans can be used with a slightly higher THM, but in return the amount you want to buy can be 40-80% of the market value of the apartment .

3. FX-based real estate loans with variable monthly repayments

These are loan schemes that are run by financial institutions not in forint but in the currency of some other country . If the forint weakens, exchange rate increases; if it gets stronger, it may cause a fall in exchange rates .

4. FX-based real estate loans with a permanent repayment installment

Due to the possible weakening or strengthening of the forint in this form of credit, the repayment installment does not increase or decrease, but the maturity is shortened or increased , but the exchange rate fluctuations may also be offset so the length of the maturity remains the original.

5. Property loans with grace period

For this type of loan , we only pay interest and handling costs during the grace period (up to 10 years), and we begin to repay the monthly installments after the grace period expires . It is only worth picking up one who is sure to be able to pay the monthly installments after the grace period.

Before using a real estate loan you should use online credit calculators that can help us to determine the monthly amount of credit you would like to take.