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Agriculture and digital loan? Here’s how it’s done


Agriculture and digital loan? Here’s how it’s done

digital credit for agriculture

Jacopo is an enthusiastic farmer. But above all, he is enthusiastic about being an entrepreneur, seeing the fruits of his land come to life and always experimenting new ways to grow his business .

The roads of the digital world are increasingly intersecting with those of the world of agriculture. This is confirmed by Jacopo, who, for his cereal growing company in Umbria, has decided to ask for funding using the web .
” Every time I go to the bank I lose half a day of work, between reaching the branch office, consulting the documents and trying to understand the language of banking. I remembered that a colleague had told me about Borsadelloano. I tried to ask you “.

What Jacopo did not expect to find was an answer in a few hours : ” I entered my information – he says – and the next day Arianna, my consultant, called me to learn more about the investment and my company. The morning after I received the financing proposal and after a few days I was already in the bank to sign the investigation. Everything was understandable and linear. And I have not invested more than 10 minutes to complete my request “.